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The Charlotte Community Association provides a forum for local residents and stakeholders to come together and discuss issues and to plan and promote events that occur in this unique and vibrant neighborhood. Charlotte incorporates its maritime and cultural heritage as the City of Rochester's port and historic waterfront district. The monthly CCA meetings are open to the public; we publish items of interest in our monthly newsletter and on this website.


***** SPECIAL NOTICE *****

Subject: Official 2015 CCA election results

by Brian Labigan, Candidates Committee

After a careful review of all ballots for eligibility against our membership list. The official 2015 CCA election results are as follows:
Claire Stortini-President
Pam Postgate-Secretary
Sue Roethel-Director
Patti O'Brien-Director

Thankyou to all for your help with the election. To whom it may concern, can we get this info posted to Facebook, the CCA Newsletter, the CCA Website, and whatever other information forum that is available. Good Luck to all new Officers and Directors.




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Hello Charlotte!



Last Friday, Police Chief Michael Ciminelli and I introduced the new police reorganization model that will go into effect in March 2015. We want to take this opportunity to let you know how the reorganization will effect Charlotte.


The new reorganization model transitions away from a two-division structure with 22 Police Service Areas (PSA), to a five-section model organized into 37 individual patrol beats. Each patrol beat will be approximately 40% smaller than the beats are now under the current structure. Smaller patrol areas will help officers get to know the neighbors in their beat, build stronger relationships and increase opportunities for more positive officer and citizen interaction.

Under the current model, the Charlotte area is patrolled by a single PSA which begins on Ridgeway Avenue at its southern border, and ends at Lake Ontario at its most northern border. In the new reorganization model this area will be patrolled by two individual car beats, with borders separated by the Riverside Cemetery. We have added a map (below) so you can get a clearer picture of the new sections.


I want to thank Chief Ciminelli and his team for developing this excellent model to reorganize the Rochester Police Department and help our officers return to true community policing. I also want to thank the many community leaders and neighborhood residents -- in Charlotte and across the city -- who participated in the public-input phase of this plan. Your feedback was important, and helped us make it an even better plan.




Lovely A. Warren

Mayor, City of Rochester


Michael Ciminelli

Chief of Police




Hello Charlotte!


We wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date. We also want to thank everyone who took part in our series of small group workshops. We value your input. In the meantime, you can still participate in the online Visual Preference Study until August 1. Just go to www.waterfrontrochester.com.


Here is a message we received from Greg Weykamp of Edgewater Development that we want to share with you. Greg is looking forward to seeing all of you at the CCA meeting on August 4.


"Since our meeting with the community in early May, we have participated in more than thirty meetings and met one-on-one and in small groups with hundreds of residents of the Charlotte community.


"In addition to the community meetings held last month, we have also been very busy visiting many of the communities Charlotte residents suggested we look at to find good examples of what Charlotte can and should be in the future. These included Sackets Harbor, Chautauqua, Sodus Bay, Oswego, Oyster Bay, and Skaneateles, New York, as well as Niagara-on-the-Lake and Cobourg in Ontario. So what have we learned from these communities? First, they all have that special 'sense of place' that comes from a mixture of historic elements and well-designed newer buildings that complement them."


"They all have an interesting mix of uses, with restaurants, homes, shops, hotels, and public waterfront spaces coming together to create a vibrant walkable community that is lively and interesting. This mix of uses is the 'special sauce' that makes these communities come to life, and is the basis for our proposal in Charlotte. Interestingly, very few of these wonderful communities actually have views of the water from their shopping areas, and this is something that we can do better than all of them in Charlotte!"


"So what happens next? We are currently working on our detailed market studies for all elements of our proposal, and using this data to help us shape our detailed design vision based on the thoughts and comments we've heard from the community so far. As suggested by many in the community, we are taking more time to complete our studies and hear from the community, and I think it would be very helpful to make a brief presentation on the 4th on the feedback we've heard to date and discuss what we saw in the other communities we visited. We will then proceed with our design refinements, and present them to the community in September."


Again, thank you for your interest and participation!




from the CCA, POCMA & CCDC













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