Charrette – A Process to Create a Vision for Our Neighborhood of the Future

Update: May 2017

For more than two years the CCA has been working with the Community Design Center Rochester (CDCR) to secure funding for a charrette for Charlotte. With support from the City of Rochester, a charrette specifically to plan the future Port of Rochester is finally going to become a reality this year.

A charrette is a comprehensive planning process that brings the community together to plan what we want our designated space to look like in the future. In this case, the space will be the Port of Rochester, and the whole community is invited to participate in the process. The results of our planning will be shared with the City as a blueprint of what we want in our neighborhood.

The charrette process will launch in May 2017 and will take about 6 months to complete. It will involve community leaders from many neighborhood groups who will steer the process, guided by design professionals from CDCR, and it will be open to everyone. This charrette for the Port will be a partnership between the CCA as the “team,” CDCR as the “coach,” and the City as the “sponsor.”

The Community Design Center of Rochester is a local non-profit agency that works with neighborhoods to create this vision. For more information about a Charrette and some local examples, visit their website at